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editorial – print

Diseño editorial y de packaging para el libro 

del fotógrafo de arquitectura Giovanni Presutti, editado por

Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers. 

Editorial design for architectural photographer 

Giovanni Presutti's book, edited by Oscar Riera

Ojeda Publishers.

Ph. Sebastián Gagin

"Over the last few years, the Architecture Photographer Giovanni Presutti has photographed many of the most important buildings in major European cities, placing a special focus on constructions built in the last decade. 


The methodical research and surveys which he carries out before each trip have led him to the conclusion that the majority of these buildings have two key aspects in common. The first is their very prominence; their devotion to aesthetics. It is clear that the works are produced by contemporary society, with even those featuring complicated internal structures increasingly characterized by attention to exteriority. It is important to note, however, that these buildings do not lack functionality. The second is the uniformity of style and planning.


Presutti has sought out pureness of form, and created a unique context; one that is representative of our time."

Special edition clamshell box with 5 prints and Chinese translation.

– Edición especial con 5 copias impresas y traducción al Chino.

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